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Child Custody Archives

Don't let emotions prevent a beneficial child custody arrangement

Most parents know, nothing gets them more worked up than a situation that is unfavorable or bad for their child. This is because the parenting instinct kicks in and you want to do everything you can to ensure a favorable situation for your child. It's only normal to feel this way. However, when going through a child custody determination, emotions can run high for that and other reasons too.

Visitation may be a big step in your child custody process

Every family and child custody situation will have specificities and nuances that will make it a unique process for everyone. However, depending upon where you live, all family law issues will be subject to the laws and state statutes that govern the process. For some parents and children, visitation is a step in the child custody process.

Don't lose sight of the best interests of the child

As a parent, we know all about the ultimate sacrifice. The love of a parent is like no other and you make sure your child experiences this every day. However, parents are still people, which means that they can make mistakes. That's why we cautiously remind all parents going through the child custody process to remember the golden rule. A child's best interests come first.

Understanding all the issues when it comes to child custody

Each year in Mississippi thousands of former couples - whether they were married or not - go through the family law process to address child custody issues. In each of these cases, the parents may have different motivations and goals, but the family law court will always have the same goal: determining what is in the best interests of the child involved. Of course, that is a fairly subjective bar to meet, which can make child custody disputes quite complex.

Making the right choices in a child custody dispute

Of all the family law issues that might come up for a couple, child custody disputes can oftentimes be the most contentious. After all, parents in Mississippi always want what is best for their children, but the problem is that parents may not always agree on what is best. If a couple cannot reach an out-of-court agreement on a child custody plan, a courtroom battle may be inevitable.

Every child custody arrangement and parenting plan is different

Being parents to a child and living in separate households has certain challenges that parents who live together do not experience. Generally, these parents are not in a romantic relationship with each other, although they can still co-parent. This type of arrangement is usually in the best interests of the child. However, every situation between parents and children is different.

What topics are covered in a child custody arrangement?

Maybe you gave birth to your child knowing full-well you and your child's father would be co-parenting from separate households. Or maybe a custody arrangement is new, as you and your child's parent are getting a divorce. Maybe you just found out that you are the father to a child. Either way, a child custody arrangement is something that can and should be determined, with the best interests of the child in mind.

Which issues could cause a child custody dispute?

Parents know that raising a child is no easy feat. However, it can be extremely rewarding and some say, the best thing a person can do in their lifetime. However, not all parents end up staying together to raise their children. They may not have been together from the start.

Child custody agreements may require modifications

When it comes to children, there is almost nothing a Mississippi parent will not do to ensure their well-being and happiness. That is true of most parents these days. With many parents in a split-custody arrangement with the child's parents living in separate households, it is still possible to have a healthy and wonderful relationship with one's child, while co-parenting. It is much clearer to do this with a child custody arrangement that is set in stone.