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Child Custody Archives

How to help your kids when you decide to divorce

There is no more important role we can have than to be a parent. That being said, the world expects a lot of us in other roles of our life, like at work and in relationships. However, if you and your spouse have decided that divorce is the right thing to do, how do you help your kids get through it? Here are a few things kids need during a divorce.

Are you concerned for the outcome of your child custody dispute?

Parents do not always see eye to eye. This can be especially true if, like so many families today, the parents are not in a committed relationship with each other. It's not necessary to be in a relationship with your child's parent in order to effectively parent. However, it can take a little more effort to agree on a child custody plan that works for everyone involved.

We assist those dealing with child custody matters

Every parent does all they can to provide and protect their children. This bond is a powerful and special thing, but it also makes it that much more difficult to go through tough times such as a divorce. The ending of a marriage is hard when it's only the two partners involved. When children enter the picture, however, the emotional stakes are significantly raised. That's why it's so important to have knowledgeable and compassionate legal guidance on your side.

Is there a preference for mothers for child custody in Miss.?

Traditionally, mothers are thought of as handling the rearing of children while fathers are the primary breadwinners. This traditional view is outdated, as many Gulfport parents know. Still, the traditional view is how many people think of parenting roles. The question is whether Mississippi law adheres to the traditional view or recognizes the modern reality that both parents play a key role in child rearing.

Understanding and compassionate child custody advocacy

No two families have the exact same circumstances, so it's not surprising that no two child custody disputes have the exact same issues. Differing work and school schedules, different geographical locations and different religious practices all can be issues for families trying to come to a child custody agreement.

Deployment can complicate child custody issues

Many military families make their homes in Mississippi and the Gulfport/Biloxi area. As service personnel know, as rewarding as the career may often be it can also be terribly stressful on a family. This stress, unfortunately, contributes to high divorce rates among military families and results in the same types of issues that other divorcing couples face, like child custody and support matters.

Mississippi Supreme Court says no visitation for jailed mom

Child custody issues are often some of the most sensitive matters that must be addressed during a divorce. In Mississippi, child custody matters are almost always viewed from the perspective of the children and what is truly in their best interests. Unfortunately, this does not always comport with what parents believe is in the best interests of the children or themselves.

Don't rely on informal child custody arrangements

If you and your former or soon-to-be-former spouse have a good relationship, you may consider a handshake agreement when it comes to child custody. You probably think that you can both just "work it out." And that may be true. However, even the best relationships have bumpy times, and over the course of years, parts of the agreement can be remembered incorrectly.

Child custody dispute may be headed to court for Nas and Kelis

Sometimes a child custody dispute can be handled simply and amicably between two Mississippi parents. Other times, however, child custody disputes can drag on for years. The example of one musical ex-couple shows how a child custody dispute can sometimes go on and on and on.