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October 2017 Archives

Adhering to the requirements of a child custody agreement

There are a number of different arrangements and considerations for divorcing parents to understand regarding their children. Primary physical custody, as it sounds, means that a child will reside primarily with one parent. However, that parent does not necessarily have the right to make all decisions regarding the child's care and upbringing on his or her own. A child custody agreement will often spell out additional obligations, and disregarding them can mean serious legal trouble.

Divorce may help you financially

Generally, when people think of divorce, they picture the possibility of going into financial debt and losing a significant number of assets. However, this is not always the case. In fact, a divorce can actually have some financial benefits. If you have already decided to split from your spouse, consider the following.

Child support and military family law

Parents in Mississippi have a duty to make any child support payments that a family law court may require. But, what if the parent is a military service member? What obligations do they have to pay child support under military family law? Can their commanding officer order them to pay child support?