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November 2019 Archives

What is the law for no-fault and fault divorce in Mississippi?

There are important aspects of the law that should be understood when contemplating divorce. In most states, the divorce process is "no-fault." This means that the baseline will be that the couple has "irreconcilable differences" and nothing more needs to be said or shown to be granted a divorce. To use this designation, the couple must have resided in the state for a minimum of six months. This is a relatively easy way to get a divorce without contentious and extended disputes. The parties will usually agree on most issues and negotiate those that are more complex. After 60 days of the case being filed, the court reviews any agreement and can then grant the divorce. If there are still matters in dispute, the court can make decisions on how to settle them.

Understanding the child support formula

When there is a divorce in Mississippi and children are involved, it is important to understand how child support will factor in with the case. Parents undoubtedly want what is best for their kids and that includes making certain they have everything they need to thrive. Medical coverage, clothes, a safe environment in which to live and more are critical.

Does a civilian keep medical coverage in a military divorce?

When there is a military family in Mississippi that is getting a divorce, one of the main concerns after dealing with children, property division and support is whether the non-military member will still get certain benefits he or she received during the marriage. A key benefit is medical coverage. Having legal advice from a law firm experienced in military issues can be vital.

Legal advice is imperative with Mississippi child support issues

In Mississippi, one of the most complicated aspects of a family law case is child support. Once the child custody and visitation rights are determined, it is imperative that the custodial parent receive a sufficient amount to provide the child with a safe and secure environment with all the basic needs being met. The goal is to serve the child's best interests. Undoubtedly, all parents will agree this is critical. Still, there can be disagreements related to child support. Having legal advice is vital for both sides.