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February 2020 Archives

Custody disputes and the preferences of a teen

When a couple ends their marriage, many different hurdles surface. Some couples have difficulty due to financial issues, while others have an especially hard time dealing with custody matters. Moreover, child custody issues vary from one family to the next and there are certain factors that have a significant impact on how custody is awarded. For example, if a custody dispute is centered around a teenager, his or her preferences sometimes play an important role in how a court decides to award custody.

Do you need a QDRO?

When you get a divorce, the State of Mississippi requires that you and your spouse divide your marital assets between you in a fair and equitable manner. But you can divide some assets much more easily than others. For instance, advises that dividing up your respective retirement or pension plan benefits can prove tricky indeed.

What does Mississippi law say about custody and visitation?

As you contemplate divorce, your children’s custody and visitation arrangements likely form one of your major concerns. You will be glad to know that the State of Mississippi is just as concerned about your children as you are. Consequently, we have laws that address virtually every type of custody and the situations under which each prevail.