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January 2020 Archives

Can I keep my dog after my divorce?

Any person who has a dog, cat or other pet knows just how special these animals can become and the large role a pet can play in their lives. More and more, pets are considered and treated as essential members of the family, not as pieces of property. One of the times this comes into play significantly is when a married couple gets a divorce. Several couples find themselves struggling with who will keep the dog or other pet after their marriage has fallen apart.

When is it appropriate to modify a visitation agreement?

When you are going through a divorce, one of the things you will need to prepare for is to arrange a visitation agreement with your spouse on behalf of your children. A functional agreement will provide some flexibility to both parties to allow both of you adequate opportunities to maintain and strengthen relationships with your children. Should you or your spouse decide to relocate outside of Mississippi, modifications may need to be made to the original arrangement. 

Getting the right information in an uncontested divorce

Despite long-held beliefs to the contrary, not all divorce cases in Mississippi are contentious and filled with seemingly endless dispute. Some couples who are at the end of a marriage can agree on the key issues and have an "uncontested" divorce. A "contested" divorce is commonly viewed as comparable to a courtroom drama. While it might not be as it is on television, the factors in dispute can lead to a drawn-out process to settle the case. An uncontested divorce seeks to avoid this.

Understanding income withholding for child support

Parents are required to make their child support payments on time and in full. For Mississippi parents who have a child support order, it is possible that their employer will need to withhold income so the payments can be made. For the custodial parent and the supporting parent, it is important to understand how much can be withheld from the employee's pay to account for child support. It is also essential to know when there is a lump sum payment made to the employee.