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March 2017 Archives

How do Mississippi courts determine the amount of alimony?

In many Mississippi divorces, one of the most contentious issues is the payment of alimony, or as it is currently known, spousal support. During the early part of the state's history, courts used alimony to punish marital misbehavior. Philandering husbands were often ordered to pay alimony to their presumably faithful wives. Since the end of World War II, however, courts and the legislature have change their views on alimony and its purposes.

Determining child support and custody in Mississippi divorces

When Mississippi couples decide to end their marriages, their attention most often turns to their children. Who will get custody? How much child support will the court order paid by the non-custodial parent? The answers to these questions are often complicated by the specific situation of the divorcing spouses, and this post is able only to provide a summary of the law.

MS legislator reconsiders domestic abuse as grounds for divorce

In our last post, we commented on the decision by Rep. Andy Gipson, chairman of the House Judiciary Committee in the Mississippi legislature, to refuse to hold hearings on a bill passed by the state Senate that would have added domestic abuse to the statutory grounds for divorce in Mississippi. After a vociferous public backlash against that decision, Rep. Gipson has changed his mind.

Legislative panel rejects domestic abuse as ground for divorce

Most states have adopted some kind of "no fault" divorce legislation that allows spouses to simply agree that they want to end their marriage without proving adultery, impotence or other forms of misbehavior. In Mississippi, a couple who wants a divorce can cite "irreconcilable differences" as the grounds to end their marriage. Difficulties may ensue, however, if one of the parties to the marriage refuses to agree that the couple experiences "irreconcilable differences." A state senator recently attempted to broaden the grounds for divorce, but the chairman of a key committee in the state House of Representatives has now killed another effort to broaden the grounds for divorce.

Adoption is an exciting growth opportunity for families

The adoption process is an exciting opportunity to grow a family. It also has important legal implications and can have a meaningful emotional impact on the parties. It can also carry with it a lot of excitement and hope for the future which is why it is helpful for families to be familiar with the process when contemplating it. In addition, the adoption process can be complicated so having trained guidance throughout it can help the adoption process be a smoother one.