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March 2020 Archives

What is manimony and how can it affect you?

If you have never before run across the word “manimony,” that is because it is a recently coined nickname for the spousal support payments that courts require some high-earning wives to pay to their former husbands after a divorce. While manimony only occurs in roughly 15% of today’s divorces, it nevertheless represents an idea whose time has definitely come.

Getting a home ready for the adoption process

When families are beginning the process of adopting a child in Mississippi, one of the parts of the process they will need to complete is called a home study. The purpose of a home study is for social workers to verify that a potential adoptive family is able to provide an environment that is safe, functional, comfortable and loving before entrusting that family with a child. Families that adequately prepare for their home study have a much higher chance of passing that portion of the adoption process. 

Ways you can support your children during your divorce

Choosing to divorce your spouse in Mississippi often is preceded by a lot of difficult decisions that may take you time to feel comfortable making. Choices of this magnitude can seem especially daunting when you know that they will affect your children. Helping them through this challenging time should be one of your top priorities to help them cope in ways that are healthy, productive and effective.