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June 2017 Archives

Modifying a child custody order in Mississippi

Divorcing couples in Mississippi often struggle with the issues of child custody and visitation. Unhappily for some couples, the struggle does not end when the chancellor enters the final decree dissolving the marriage and awarding custody. Circumstances can change, and the reasons behind the court's initial decision may no longer be valid. This post will examine the remedies available to a non-custodial spouse who believes the court's initial determination of child custody should be modified or amended.

Determining child support using Mississippi's guidelines

Determining the level of child support in a divorce in Mississippi can be a difficult process. Mississippi's statutes provide a set of guidelines that are keyed to the number of children receiving support and the income of the non-custodial spouse. Yet even with these guidelines, courts have the power to set child support payments that may be either higher or lower than the statutory guidelines.

MS woman seeks ruling that she is parent of child born to ex-wife

As same-sex marriages become more common, so do same-sex divorces. The familiar rules that govern marriages and divorces are being twisted and pulled as gay couples attempt to resolve complex issues of custody and parentage. After being divorced from her wife, a Mississippi woman is facing such an issue in her appeal of a trial court ruling that she is not the legal parent of a child born to her wife during their marriage.