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October 2019 Archives

How do irreconcilable differences impact my divorce?

There are many reasons for Mississippi residents to decide they should end their marriage and get a divorce. For many, however, there is no one specific issue in dispute. They will have certain problems that they cannot bridge and believe that it is preferable to move on. This can be referred to simply as irreconcilable differences. While this is a viable justification to get a divorce and the courts will allow it, it is important to understand the law before moving forward with a case. It is also beneficial to have legal advice.

Retirement accounts are a key part of property division

When couples get a divorce in Mississippi, property division is often at the forefront. This is frequently true with older couples - also referred to as "gray" divorces. Many might think about homes, automobiles, jewelry and other tangible items. For these couples, however, retirement savings and accounts will be critical to the process. These might have even greater value in the long term than other properties. There are steps that couples should take when dealing with this aspect of family law.

What are the maximum support percentages in a military divorce?

The military life is difficult and can be hard on families. For Mississippi residents who are in the military or are the spouse of a military member, divorce is, unfortunately, common. When there is a military divorce, there are the same concerns as a civilian divorce. Spousal support, also referred to as alimony, and child support are key family law matters to consider. Understanding various issues, such as the maximum percentage a military member can have deducted from his or her pay to pay this support, is imperative for the paying spouse and the receiving spouse.

When might there be a deviation from the child support formula?

When a couple in Mississippi divorces and must deal with a child support determination, there are many factors that are considered when the amount is calculated. A child support formula is used in many cases. With that, the court will try to come to a fair amount for the custodial parent and the supporting parent. Still, not all cases are the same and those differences can make the situation more complex for everyone.

How property is divided in Mississippi during divorce

Property division is one of the most common concerns couples have as they prepare to divorce. As a result, it is useful for them to be familiar with how property division is handled during divorce. It will help them prioritize their interests and be better prepared for what to expect from it. It can also help guide them to a property division settlement agreement both spouses can live with.