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April 2017 Archives

Mississippi ranks last among states in child welfare

A recent study has delivered a sad verdict on Mississippi's ability to provide for its children. The study was prepared by the Annie E. Casey Foundation Kids Count Data Center. According to the study, Mississippi ranks last among the 50 states in overall child welfare. The study examined Mississippi's ability to provide children with foster care and health care. An important implication of the study is the critical role played by child custody and child support orders in divorce cases.

How do Mississippi courts divide marital assets in a divorce?

One of the most crucial questions in almost every divorce is "how will the court divide the couple's property and income producing assets?" In the case of Ferguson v. Ferguson, the Mississippi Supreme Court established eight guidelines to assist chancery courts in making this decision. The guidelines have subsequently become known as the Ferguson Factors, and they are used in every divorce case in which the spouses cannot agree between themselves on how to divide their property.

Terminating parental rights in Mississippi

The right of a parent to spend time with his or her child is often regarded as fundamental and inviolable. Unfortunately, both fathers and mothers occasionally mistreat their children in ways that require the state to intervene and to terminate the offending parent's parental rights. This post will provide a summary of one of the most contentious family law issues in Mississippi: termination of parental rights.

Do grandparents have visitation rights in Mississippi?

One of the principal concerns of divorcing couples in Mississippi is custody of their children. Husbands and wives often devote significant time, effort and money to convincing the court that only one of them is a suitable parent. This conflict often ignores two or four people who may have a vital interest in the children's welfare; their grandparents. Fortunately, Mississippi law makes specific provision for grandparents' rights to visitation determined by the court.