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Is it OK to date during your divorce?

On Behalf of | Dec 7, 2023 | Divorce |

Divorce allows you to find someone new, someone better suited to your needs. The problem is that moving too soon could lead to problems.

Firstly, there is the legal side of things to consider. If you are still in the middle of a divorce, starting a new relationship or even just going out on a date could antagonize the person you are technically still married to. That could make finalizing your divorce and getting the outcome you want more difficult. 

It could complicate the financial aspects of your divorce

You must be careful with your spending during a divorce. You do not want to give your spouse grounds to claim that you are squandering marital assets or have money you are not disclosing.

If your spouse discovers you’ve been on a weekend break with a new flame or bought them a pricey piece of jewelry, they might want to know where you got the money from. That could result in an investigation into your finances that prolongs the divorce and potentially causes you financial harm.

If you have children, dating so soon could harm them

Divorce can be traumatic and confusing for children. Seeing their parent step out with someone else so soon could add to that. Even if they understand, it’s still taking up time that you could spend with them, and they likely need you more than ever right now.

Your spouse might also look for evidence that your new date could jeopardize your children’s safety, in an attempt to get more custody.

You may not be emotionally ready

Don’t overlook the emotional factors at play in a divorce. While some people do meet the person they will spend the rest of their lives with during their divorce, many only later realize that those dates they went on were unhealthy for them. Sometimes, what is needed is time to yourself.

Legal help can be crucial to provide some much-needed perspective on how your actions could affect your divorce at what can be a difficult time for everyone.