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Reasons for not suspending license despite child support arrears

On Behalf of | Aug 2, 2023 | Child Support |

Losing your license is like a handicap. Without driving privileges, going through and accomplishing your daily activities may be more challenging than usual. But as with every privilege, reaping its benefits comes with responsibilities.

If you are the obligor or the parent making payments for your child’s necessities – food, shelter, education, and medical or extracurricular expenses – failure to pay child support arrears or noncompliance with a child support order can cost you your Mississippi driver’s license.

Upon receipt of notice that your license is eligible for suspension, you have 95 days to speak with a child support worker about your options. You may either pay the debt or arrears amount in full or negotiate an agreement stipulating a payment plan.

If you wish to prevent the process, you must either address your arrears obligation completely or check if your circumstances qualify as a reason not to have your license suspended.

Grounds for nonlicense suspension

Every paying parent’s situation is unique. Your license won’t be under suspension if:

  • It causes harm to you, your spouse or your child.
  • You have a lengthy jail sentence.
  • You have a disability with corresponding benefits.
  • You are a Temporary Assistance for Needy Families benefits recipient.
  • You have a severe, possibly fatal, medical condition resulting in hospitalization.

Your legal counsel can work with you in determining if any of these reasons may be applicable to you. They can also guide you in the highly technical calculations of your monthly child support obligation, should you enter into a stipulated agreement.

Paying your dues

Ultimately, the soonest you act, the better you can steer your current situation. As long as you consult with your legal representative about all possible courses of action, you may comprehensively gauge how to protect your driver’s license and your child’s future.