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Mississippi Alcohol Safety Education Program

On Behalf of | Jan 7, 2022 | Criminal Defense |

For those facing a conviction or deciding whether to plead to a driving while under the influence charge, please know that there is a special consequence for those in our state. In our state, when one is convicted or pleads guilty to a DUI, they are required to attend the Mississippi Alcohol Safety Education Program. These fee-based courses are required, if one ever wants to regain their ability to drive, and until the courses are passed, driving privileges will remain revoked.

First offense

Under state law, when one is convicted of their first offense, they are required to complete the MASEP. Indeed, if one does not complete it, the court can elect to hold them in contempt of court. This normally does not apply to additional offenses, but the consequences for additional offenses are progressively worse.

What if one does not have a driver’s license?

Even if one does not have a driver’s license, they still must complete the MASEP. Mississippi law is clear that it applies to everyone that receives their first DUI conviction, regardless of driver’s license status. The consequence of not completing the MASEP is that the person may never be able to get a driver’s license and, possibly, a contempt of court charge.

What about people with limited English proficiency or a hearing impairment?

For those that speak predominately or exclusively Spanish, all of the class handouts are translated to Spanish. And, for those with hearing impairments, a certified interpreter can be attained from the MASEP office.

What to do at the end of the MASEP?

Contact one’s Gulfport, Mississippi, attorney to make sure there are no additional requirements. At completion, a MASEP certificate is given at “graduation” or mailed thereafter. Assuming all other pre-requisites have been met, once one has the MASEP certificate, to get one’s license back, they will need proof of, at least, liability insurance, along with a $175 reinstatement fee. All of this will then need to be submitted to and processed by the Mississippi Department of Public Safety.