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Can a sleep divorce help my marriage?

On Behalf of | Apr 27, 2021 | Divorce |

The snoring spouse has become a comedy trope for decades. In decades past, it was always the overweight husband snoring so loudly it kept everyone in the house up, but more recently, commercials and comedies have illuminated that snoring is not a gender issue, it affects both husbands and wives. We all laugh along, but in reality, this type of disruptive snoring can take a real toll on the non-snoring spouse. This is one of the reasons why couples are increasingly getting sleep divorces.

Huh; a sleep divorce?

Yes, but do not be scared of the name. While it is called a divorce, it has nothing to do with a traditional divorce. Instead, it simply refers to the act of sleeping separately.

How can a sleep divorce help a marriage?

Well, it cannot help all marriages. If a couple is blissfully happy, of course, a sleep divorce is not needed. And, if one’s problems do not stem to sleep deprivation, a sleep divorce may not help either. However, for those couples where sleep deprivation is a real problem or exacerbating existing issues, a sleep divorce may help. This is because it allows both spouses to get a good night’s sleep, eliminating sleep deprivation as an issue.

It did no help

So, what happens if one sleep divorces and goes through counseling, but they still cannot find a way back to marital bliss? Well, traditional divorce may be the only options left for Gulfport, Mississippi, couples, which means a call to an attorney to start the process. An attorney can help walk one through the process and options available to see if that is the right choice for a couple.