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How much does a Mississippi DUI raise your insurance rates?

On Behalf of | Jan 29, 2021 | Firm News |

Mississippi takes driving under the influence of alcohol quite seriously and penalizes offenders accordingly. If a law enforcement officer stops you, charges you with drunk driving and you wind up with a conviction, you may find that the expenses you face in the aftermath are considerable.

Even first-time Mississippi DUI offenders have to pay as much as $1,000 in fines following a drunk driving conviction. You may also have to finance other expenses relating to your charge, including driver education classes and vehicle towing and impound fees. Once you become eligible to drive again, reports that you should also anticipate having to pay much more for insurance coverage than you did before your drunk driving arrest.

A substantial insurance increase

How much more might you have to spend each year for car insurance once you have a DUI in your Mississippi driving history? The state’s first-time DUI offenders often see their insurance rates rise by almost 60%. Without a DUI and with a fairly standard driving record, you may have shelled out about $1,504 a year for insurance coverage. After a DUI, though, you may have to pay closer to $2,395 a year to insure yourself, which makes for an annual difference of $891.

A lengthy insurance increase

How long should you expect to pay an extra $891 to insure yourself behind the wheel? In Mississippi, a DUI stays in your driving history for five years. So, you should expect your conviction to impact your insurance premiums for the same amount of time.

Each insurance provider uses a different method of determining how much to charge you. So, you may find that getting quotes from a few different insurance companies helps you find the most reasonable rate available to you.