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Drug court and getting a second chance

On Behalf of | Jan 15, 2021 | Uncategorized |

Facing criminal allegations is a difficult predicament to be in. Even more so, those in Mississippi and elsewhere convicted of a crime are in a much more challenging situation, as this could mean enduring harsh criminal penalties. Depending on the crime, there may be an opportunity to reduce these impacts, allowing for the accused an opportunity to not only avoid harsh penalties but also possibly get a second chance.

Drug court

It was recently reported the seven individuals in Harrison County graduated from drug court. All of these individuals overcame much hardship caused by bad choices and addiction. The Harrison County Drug Court program provides individuals that were charged with drug crimes an alternative to traditional criminal prosecution and essentially a second chance.

Drug court is considered a therapeutic alternative to a jail sentence that allows for individuals to work on their substance abuse issues and heal from them and other issues that led to their addiction problems. Another benefit to the program is the opportunity to have previous felony convictions removed from their record.

Phases of the program

While it is a program that provides benefits for individuals when it comes to going through recovery and erasing their criminal history, it is not an easy task to complete. The program itself has three phases and participants must agree to the terms of each phase. Each phase has its own requirements, which can include education, employment, travel restrictions, drug testing and the payment of all costs, fines and fees associated with the matter. When a participant graduates from the program, their records are expunged and are able to start a new chapter in their life.

A criminal defense is available to anyone faced with a criminal allegation; however, one may not be fully aware of their options. Navigating the criminal defense process can be challenging; this is especially true when the accused is unaware of their defense options. Therefore, it is important that defendants understand the legal matter, what defense they have and what outcomes could occur. This could serve their interests when it comes to reducing and even dismissing the charges against them or penalties faced.