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Divorce can prevent domestic violence

On Behalf of | Dec 1, 2020 | Family Law |

Whether you are currently worried about intimate partner violence or your spouse has abused you or your child in the past, it is imperative to think about domestic violence and the divorce process. First of all, victims of domestic violence (which includes physical, verbal, sexual and even financial abuse) need to take steps to safeguard themselves and prevent further abuse. It is also crucial to focus on the future and make sure that abuse does not occur again.

Aside from obtaining a restraining order, there are other ways in which domestic violence victims can protect themselves.

How does divorce reduce the likelihood of domestic violence?

For starters, those who get a divorce often stop living with an abusive partner. Moreover, some of the interpersonal hardships that lead to domestic violence dissipate when a marriage is brought to an end. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, divorce reduces the prevalence of domestic violence by roughly 30%. When domestic violence involves children (or when children witness abuse), it is especially important to end the abuse. From obtaining a restraining order to bringing these concerns up in court and preventing an abusive ex from having custody rights, there are additional steps that some domestic violence victims need to consider.

How does divorce benefit people in other ways?

Aside from decreasing the likelihood of domestic violence, divorce carries other benefits. For example, many women work outside of the home more often and many people find mental freedom and emotional as well as financial stability after splitting up with their ex. Make sure you prepare for the different ways in which divorce will affect your life and thoroughly review all of your options.