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Ambulance driver arrested for DUI while on duty in Mississippi

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All Mississippi drivers are expected to remain sober when they are on the road. That is especially true for first responders. Failure to do so may result in an arrest and charges for driving under the influence. Allegations of DUI can happen to anyone – even someone working as a first responder. DUI while on duty and in a job where others’ safety should be the priority can cause many problems in a person’s life. After any DUI arrest, it is imperative to have legal advice to formulate a coherent defense to try and avoid the personal and professional consequences a conviction will entail.

EMT driver faces DUI allegations

An EMT driver was arrested on suspicion of DUI after a civilian spotted the vehicle driving erratically. The civilian in a separate vehicle contacted law enforcement when the ambulance was seen swerving on the road. A video of the incident was taken by that driver. The civilian driver was concerned that there would be an accident before law enforcement arrived, so he honked and waved for the ambulance to stop. When it did and he checked on the crew, there was a second EMT in the back along with a patient who was being transported. It was not an emergency. Police arrived and made the DUI arrest.

Confronting DUI and seeking to avoid the penalties

When a person is charged with DUI, the circumstances of the incident that precipitated the arrest will be a critical factor in the entire case. For example, a first-offense DUI in which there was no accident and no one was injured will have different penalties than a felony DUI with injuries and death. Other factors are also important including the type of license the person has, whether the breath test was taken or not, and if the driver was underage. If a person was working as an emergency responder and was accused of DUI, it can not only cost that person his or her freedom and driving privileges, but it will inevitably have employment ramifications. Lodging a defense is crucial.

A law firm experienced in DUI defense may be able to help

A person convicted of DUI will be confronted with many potential challenges. In this case, the EMT driver should also be concerned about how this incident will impact work. There may be a viable explanation for the appearance of being under the influence. The fact that a civilian stopped the ambulance could be considered as part of the analysis of the evidence. Before saying or doing anything, consulting with a law firm that is experienced in DUI defense and other aspects of criminal law is essential.