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How can I avoid a DUI this summer?

On Behalf of | Jun 9, 2020 | Firm News |

The state of Mississippi is very serious when it comes to drunk driving offenses. In recent years, the state has created a fourth DUI offense which entails a felony charge regardless of how much time has passed between the third and fourth offenses. 

A felony conviction will have a continued impact on your life. It can prevent you from securing housing for your family, from being considered worthy of gainful employment, and can cause personal issues between you and loved ones. The best way to prevent these consequences is by avoiding DUI altogether, which is possible if you take the following steps. 

Use rideshare when drinking 

Rideshare services such as Uber and Lyft can be a real lifesaver when you are out on the town. Rideshares are convenient, affordable, and spare you damaging DUI charges in the event you are pulled over by police after a night of drinking. When you know you and others will be drinking, insist on using a rideshare service instead of traveling in a personal vehicle. 

Designate a driver 

If rideshare is unavailable where you live, the next best option is to designate a driver. A designated driver must abstain from all types of alcohol in any amount on a night out to ensure those who have been drinking have a safe way to get home. If you usually go out with the same set of friends, switch designated driver duties from night to night so everyone takes responsibility. You can also reward the designated driver by paying for their meals or providing gas money to show appreciation. 

Know what it takes to get drunk 

Some people believe they can drink just the right amount of alcohol and still be able to operate a vehicle safely. However, this line of thinking is dangerous, especially when you overestimate how much you drink. While it can be dependent on your size and what you are drinking, just two standard-sized drinks can cause inebriation. Additionally, drinking coffee or eating a meal does not make you any less drunk. Only giving your body time to process the alcohol you have consumed can do that.