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Getting a home ready for the adoption process

On Behalf of | Mar 4, 2020 | Family Law, Firm News |

When families are beginning the process of adopting a child in Mississippi, one of the parts of the process they will need to complete is called a home study. The purpose of a home study is for social workers to verify that a potential adoptive family is able to provide an environment that is safe, functional, comfortable and loving before entrusting that family with a child. Families that adequately prepare for their home study have a much higher chance of passing that portion of the adoption process. 

Adequate preparation for a home study can only be achieved when people understand what needs to be done to prepare. According to, one thing that people should do is to childproof their home. This is especially important if families are looking to adopt children that are small and require significant supervision. People should make sure that all safety measures are considered including having adequate protection around their property and a home that meets city regulations for fire safety. If families have pets, they should have proper control of them and be able to demonstrate that their pet is not a risk to the safety of a child. 

Once the social worker arrives, families should be considerate of their time and be fully prepared to welcome the worker into their home. The better prepared they are, the more confident they will be when they are giving a tour of their home and discussing their adoption journey. Often, a little bit of focused preparation can go a long way in creating a memorable first impression when families are welcoming social workers into their homes for the first time. also suggests that families be thoughtful about who they select as references for their home study. They should choose individuals who know their family well and can represent their family and their desire to adopt with enthusiasm and confidence. When an agency can use the content provided by references as evidence in support of the adoptive family, the outcome of their study may be much more positive.