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Research shows divorce rates increase in the new year

On Behalf of | Dec 26, 2019 | Divorce, Firm News |

Mississippi couples who are experiencing marital turmoil might hit the breaking point at any time. A range of issues can spark dispute in marriage. Once the personal and emotional factors reach a certain juncture, the end of a marriage is the only viable solution. While it might seem counterintuitive for there to be statistical factors in divorce filings, studies indicate that there are specific times of year when couples will decide to take that next step and file for divorce. Regardless, it may be useful to have legal help with the process.

According to research, January is a common month in which people decide to file for divorce. Designated with the moniker “divorce month,” January is viewed as a time when the combination of disputes and disagreements reaches its crescendo and people have chosen to part ways as a couple. The holidays and the accompanying pressure is viewed as a determinative factor in the surge in filings. This information largely comes from legal professionals, but other sources verify it.

Web search statistics commonly show that more people are looking up divorce during the first two weeks in January. Social media sites also report that people are browsing divorce-related topics. The holidays hold significance for this as there is increased family time, traveling, spending and more that make existing tensions exponentially worse. Once that endpoint is reached and the aftermath of the holiday season is felt, people can choose to end the marriage and get a new start with the beginning of the year.

Divorce legal issues can stem from a variety of problems. While the time of the year when the decision to divorce is made can vary, there are inherent considerations to think about. Property division, child support, spousal support and visitation are some of the most common, but there is much more. Having legal assistance and advice from a law firm that specializes in divorce and family law can yield information on the entire process and provide representation. Before taking that step, it might be wise to consult with an experienced divorce attorney.