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Could a divorce actually make you a better parent?

On Behalf of | Aug 22, 2019 | Divorce, Firm News |

When a person thinks about the type of parent they will be one day, many never imagine that they could be a single parent in the future. However, for some parents, this is what happens. However, it’s not unheard of to think that a person can be just as good of a parent, if not better, when they become a single parent. This usually happens post-divorce.

For some parents, they find that after going through a divorce, they became a better parent. Why might that be? Well, a failing marriage can definitely bring out a person’s worst qualities and cause higher stress levels, which can make a person uncharacteristically bad at many things, including parenting. However, when a person becomes autonomous, the decisions rely solely on one person, which allows for more control and, in a sense, less stress and uncertainty.

Finalizing a divorce can feel like the resolution a parent has been yearning for. It allows them to close a chapter of a book they no longer want to read, and it opens up possibilities for the rest of their life. Allowing yourself to be a fully devoted parent, rather than a spouse and a partner, is often something new and refreshing. This can easily result in a parent being ‘better’ than they have been in the recent past.

Being a single parent doesn’t mean you won’t have to engage in a child custody arrangement. However, it does means that when you and your child’s other parent disagree, you call the shots in your own house. This can be very liberating for some parents.