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Adoption laws in Mississippi

On Behalf of | Aug 8, 2019 | Family Law, Firm News |

Thinking about adopting? Maybe it’s something that’s been on the table of discussion for a while and it’s only natural that you’d continue with the official adoption process. Anyone can be adopted, but starting at 14 years old age, there must be consent on behalf of the adoptee. You may be wondering who can adopt in Mississippi.

According to the state of Mississippi, sexual orientation does not prohibit ground for adoption. However, same sex couples are not permitted to adopt. Only heterosexual married couples, or those who are unmarried. Making the decision to officially adopt a child (or an adult in cases of disability) is a huge emotional and financial decision. You likely have many questions about the process if you are thinking of adopting.

You may have already been care-taking for this child or disabled adult up until this point. Or maybe you and your partner have tossed around the idea of adoption, just now deciding to get more serious about the process. Wherever you’re at, there will be practical everyday questions about it as well as legal questions. At Maggio Law Firm PC, we’re here to answer the legal questions you may have about adoption

Family law issues are our specialty. Adopting someone is a huge thing to do and a real show of someone’s character. Whether it fell on your out of necessity or desire, adoption is a great thing to do. Mississippi has specific laws related to the adoption process that you should be aware of.