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R. Kelly leaves jail after $161k back-owed child support was paid

On Behalf of | Mar 21, 2019 | Child Support, Firm News |

Did you know that those who fail to pay child support could potentially be sent to jail for failing to meet their court-ordered child support obligations? Such was the case for R&B star R. Kelly who has been in the news lately as the focus of a variety of accusations, including failure to pay back-owed child support. Being jailed for failing to pay child support is rare, but it can happen.

It’s not yet known who posted the $161,000 payment to release R. Kelly from custody. Because of this, it’s not clear whether the back-owed child support was paid by him or on his behalf. The speculation about whether a 3rd party payed the child support is because the bail posted recently for different crime charges was paid by someone else, not by R. Kelly himself. No matter who made the payments, however, the children will be glad to receive the financial support to which they are entitled.

It’s hard to ignore the reports and accusations that have been made against R. Kelly in unconnected cases. However, back owed child support is an issue that affects many children in cases where the parents are not living together. Children have a right to receive financial support from both parents for their monthly expenses. This right is separate from any custody right the parents may or may not be granted.

Unpaid and back owed child support can have a negative impact on a child’s life; financial support is key to their growth and development. Without receiving the court-ordered amount, a child won’t have the support or opportunities they deserve.