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License suspension for delinquent child support in Mississippi

On Behalf of | Sep 20, 2017 | Child Support, Firm News |

Our society places great importance on the act of supporting one’s children as much as one can. This importance is reflected in Mississippi state law, which provides for the imposition of child support obligations on many non-custodial parents. Most people know that if a parent who owes child support fails to pay it, the parent may be found in contempt of court. Another sanction that a delinquent parent may face is suspension of a state-issued license.

If a parent is delinquent on an obligation, a licensed attorney may submit the parent’s name and arrearage information to the Mississippi state government. If the government determines that the parent is out of compliance with a child support order, the government will send a letter to the parent stating that the parent’s state-issued licenses will be suspended in 90 days unless the parent takes certain actions to resolve the child support delinquency.

What actions can be taken to prevent a license suspension in this situation? First, the parent could pay the entire delinquent balance owed. But, what if a delinquent parent cannot afford to do this? In that case, a parent can attempt to negotiate a payment plan with the Mississippi state government. If the two parties in negotiating a child support plan and the parent sticks with it, the parent would avoid license suspension. The parent can also file a motion with a court to establish a payment plan.

If a parent finds that they are owed child support but the other parent isn’t paying, or if a parent is facing a license suspension and needs to negotiate a payment plan, a Gulfport child support attorney can meet with them to discuss their options and how to move forward.

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