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Child & Parent Relocation

For more than two decades, The Maggio Law Firm, PC, has helped clients navigate some of the most difficult family matters, including those disputes related to divorce and other highly emotional issues. Not surprisingly, many of these disputes relate to children, their support, their custody and their visitation.

In these situations, we have often seen child relocation issues arise. For instance, one parent may want to move to a new job opportunity in a different state and take the child with him or her.

Clients seek our representation from throughout the Gulfport, Mississippi, area and even from Alabama jurisdictions, such as parents who want to relocate children to Mobile. These clients look to our firm because they know we have more than 20 years of experience in these matters.

Attorney Protecting You And Your Children In Parental Relocation Disputes

Our firm has successfully protected our clients’ custody and visitation rights in and out of the courtroom, during negotiations and at trial. This experience provides us with the judgment you need to determine how to handle your situation, when fighting aggressively makes the most sense and when less adversarial methods best serve your needs and those of your children.

Recognized as one of the region’s top family law practitioners, Stephen Maggio is also a former municipal judge. As a result, he understands how the law works. He puts this knowledge to work on every case, building persuasive arguments responsive to each client’s unique circumstances whether that client is seeking to relocate or is seeking to stop another parent from relocating.

An Understanding And Compassionate Lawyer: Maggio Law Firm

Stephan Maggio has five children of his own. For that reason, in order to manage stress and anxiety, he emphasizes empathy and sensitivity when dealing with issues involving children.

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