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If a prior conviction is preventing you from pursuing a certain career, there are options you can take to get help. Getting your record expunged is a solution that is, in many cases, achievable – especially if you work with a lawyer who will fight hard for you.

Consider working with Stephen Maggio, founder and principal attorney at The Maggio Law Firm, PC. His firm is dedicated to providing strong representation for individuals who want to clear their criminal records in Gulfport, on the Mississippi Gulf Coast and throughout Mississippi.

Open Doors To The Future – Seal Criminal Records

Many clients come to us looking for help because a past conviction is standing in the way of a job or a career. We can provide legal assistance so you can start to move forward.

The procedural and statutory framework for expungements is very particular, but by working with an attorney who has a specific understanding of the law you will likely get the best results. After listening to your concerns and evaluating your case, our firm will work aggressively and will fight for you the entire way.

With many years of experience with these cases, attorney Stephen Maggio understands how to work through many of the roadblocks standing in your way. He helped set the precedent in Mississippi which cleared the way for thousands of people to clean up their past record. He has worked with many clients under similar circumstances and has a strong working knowledge of criminal procedure and statutory law.

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Please contact us at 228-206-6637 to speak with our firm. At Maggio Law Firm, PC, we provide free initial consultations for expungement case.