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At The Maggio Law Firm, PC, we understand the sacrifice our clients make in order to provide their families the financial support they need. Because financial obligations continue even after divorce, courts can award alimony, particularly where one spouse earns considerably more income than the other spouse. Determining the amount, type and duration of alimony/spousal support can be complicated and is often contentious – our Gulfport alimony lawyers can provide you the guidance and protection you need.

Why Is Alimony Important?

At The Maggio Law Firm, PC, many of our clients have invested a great deal of time and energy building their careers and businesses. Our divorce clients include physicians, engineers, architects, dentists, professionals and small-business owners. If you are contemplating a divorce and have a high-earning career, you may be obligated to pay alimony/spousal support to your soon-to-be ex-spouse.

Traditionally, one spouse was the breadwinner, earning all the income to support the family, while the other spouse stayed at home to care for the children. Today, two-income families have become increasingly more common, so consequently, the purpose of alimony has also evolved over time. The goal of alimony is for both parties to maintain their standards of living following a marriage’s end.

We recognize the difficulty couples have making the determination of support payments on their own, and we can advocate for the payment options that work best for them.

Determining Alimony In Mississippi

There are several types of alimony in Mississippi: lump-sum, periodic payments and rehabilitative. Lump-sum alimony is a fixed amount that cannot be modified and is not affected by death or remarriage. Periodic payments, or monthly alimony, can be modified and the payments cease upon death, remarriage or cohabitation of the spouse receiving the alimony. Rehabilitative alimony is periodic alimony paid, usually over a short period of time, to allow one spouse to re-establish his or herself in the workplace. Like periodic alimony, it can be modified and would cease upon the death of either party or the remarriage of the spouse receiving the alimony.

To determine the amount of alimony, a judge will look at several factors such as:

  • Earning capacity of both spouses
  • Health of both spouses
  • Sources of income of both spouses
  • Reasonable needs of children
  • Living expenses
  • Estimated income tax of both spouses

Our attorney, Stephen Maggio, has experience handling divorce cases in Gulfport and surrounding cities and can help you navigate the various alimony issues. Contact our law firm today.

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