Firm Overview

Biloxi Personal Injury and Gulfport Family Law Attorney

At Maggio Law Firm, PC, we strive to provide the best possible representation for our clients by getting the best possible outcome. Serving clients in Gulfport, all along the Mississippi Gulf Coast and throughout the entire State of Mississippi, we assist not only injury victims, but people with problems involving family law and criminal matters.

Although our practice is centered on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, we have the ability to help personal injury clients throughout the State of Mississippi and through our network of contacts we can offer assistance no matter where your accident occurred, even if it is not in Mississippi.

Our primary objective is to win your case, and we use our knowledge and experience to try and achieve that. Stephen Maggio, the principal attorney at our firm, has worked for more than 22 years assisting individuals and families. He works to get his clients on the road to recovery - whether that means financially, emotionally or physically.

Set Your Expectations High and We Will Meet Them

We recognize just how much your accident can affect your life.. When you come to our office, you'll be treated with kindness and respect by a lawyer who listens to what you have to say. If you are upset or hurt, we will find a solution that will work to get you the compensation, recovery and assistance you need and deserve.

Attorney Maggio has instilled many values into his firm that are rooted in his beginning. He grew up watching his father - a physician - help make people's lives better. He learned that knowledge, dedication and persistence are essential to helping people and he finds nothing more gratifying than making a positive difference in someone's life.

Clients frequently comment on how satisfied and gracious they are after having worked with our firm. They also comment on the knowledgeable legal advice and high level of personal attention we provide to everyone. If you value working with a lawyer who sees eye to eye with your needs, come to Maggio Law Firm, PC.

Contact Stephen Maggio - a Gulfport Criminal Defense Attorney

Please contact us at 228-206-6637 to set up a consultation. Attorney Maggio provides free initial consultations for all personal injury and criminal cases.