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Child Support Archives

Mississippi man jailed for failure to pay child support

This blog recently discussed child support enforcement resources and child support modification options as well. A Mississippi man was recently jailed for failure to pay child support. The man owes $223,000 in unpaid back child support. The 50-year old man was recently arrested for contempt of court. He and his ex-wife were married for 16 years and divorced in 2004 with 3 children. Both are from Mississippi.

How are child support orders enforced in Mississippi?

Child support is important for children and families which is why there are a variety of methods by which child support orders are enforced. It is important to keep in mind that family law resources are available to parents seeking to enforce a child support order, as well as parents struggling to comply with a child support order who may need to seek a modification of a child support order. Both paying and recipient parents may wonder, however, by what methods child support obligations are enforced in Mississippi.

What constitutes income for Mississippi child support purposes?

When two parents in Mississippi divorce, or if they were not married but are no longer in a relationship with one another, the court will need to determine how much child support to award the custodial parent. When determining how much child support to award, the judge needs to ascertain the parent's adjusted gross income. As a Gulfport resident might wonder, what is included as gross income for child support purposes?

Some child support issues require legal help

In Mississippi, the amount of child support a noncustodial parent will owe to the custodial parent is based on a formula. This formula is based on a number of factors, including each parent's income, how much time the child spends with each parent and others. However, what if these numbers are not correctly reported?

When can the Mississippi child support guidelines be rebutted?

It goes without saying that, whether a child's parents are in a relationship, raising a child costs money. If a child's parents are divorced, in general, the noncustodial parent will pay child support to the custodial parent. Mississippi has statutory guidelines that determine how much child support a parent will owe. However, per Mississippi Code, Section 43-19-103, there could be a deviation from the guidelines under certain circumstances.

How is child support determined in Mississippi?

When Mississippi residents are parting ways and share a child, one of the biggest concerns they will eventually have to deal with is how much the supporting parent will have to pay the custodial parent to care for the child. The state has a child support formula based on the law. This details how much the supporting parent will pay.

How do Mississippi courts collect back child support owed?

Mississippi child support laws ensure that custodial parents receive financial support from the other parent to help raise their children. However, just because the laws are there does not mean that every parent will follow them. When a parent fails to meet his or her obligation to pay child support, the law can be enforced in a variety ways.