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Posts tagged "spousal support"

Randy Jackson, wife headed to divorce court

In Hollywood, many marriages do not last. In addition to the traditional stresses of being married, famous couples must also cope with one spouse who is touring or otherwise working long hours as well as with all the minute details of their life being put on display for the world in general. People in Mississippi may be interested to know that another couple, Randy Jackson and his wife Erika, has recently chosen to start the next chapter of their lives by filing for a divorce.

Divorce mediation has many benefits for Mississippi couples

Statistics show that January and February may be in competition to be the most popular time for divorce filings. During the holidays, many couples tend to postpone filing for divorce. Once the first two months of the year arrive, some of these couples have there minds made up on ending their marriages. These statistics most likely follow a similar pattern in the state of Mississippi.

Consider all financial options before divorce

When confronting divorce proceedings, Mississippi residents may be working through issues such as custody, child support, property division and more. Occasionally, couples may find it difficult to settle on certain financial issues, such as stock options. It is important for couples to carefully specify what will happen to stocks and bonds and consider all options when going through a divorce.

Should man pay $20,000 to his ex so she can freeze her eggs?

There is a lot at stake when two individuals decide to divorce. When the decision is made, spouses prepare themselves for the inevitable conversations surrounding property division, spousal support, and child support and custody, if they have children. Although most divorces concentrate on similar concepts, in the long run, the uniqueness of every family will dictate the outcome of the divorce.