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Posts tagged "property division"

Gray divorce on the rise

When many people in Mississippi think of divorce, they may think of a couple with children hashing out child support and custody details. However, some reports indicate that the divorce rate of people over 50 rose significantly over a 20 year period. While many of these couples may not have to argue about child custody, gray divorces, as they are called by some, can present their own unique challenges.

Several different reasons to file for divorce in Mississippi

 When people marry, the believe that they will be spending the rest of their lives with their spouse. However, plans and people change, and many people learn that they may not be quite as compatible as they once thought. Once the decision is made to seek a divorce, people with little experience with Mississippi family law maybe unsure of the best course of action.

Experienced guidance can help in a Mississippi divorce

Many people agonize over whether to end a marriage. However, after the decision is made, many would agree that the decision to seek a divorce was the best one for their situation. That decision, though, is just the first step in the process. There are many issues that must be resolved, often including child custody and support and property division. For many, dividing marital assets can be a complicated process requiring guidance from those well-versed in Mississippi family law.

Divorce papers contest McPhee's, husband's separation

People in Mississippi know that marriage is often a difficult undertaking. Even couples who seem to have the best relationships often have areas in which they struggle. However, some might argue that the glare of a Hollywood spotlight could place even more stress on a relationship. For example, Katharine McPhee and her husband, Nick Cokas, have recently taken measures to seek a divorce.

Consider all financial options before divorce

When confronting divorce proceedings, Mississippi residents may be working through issues such as custody, child support, property division and more. Occasionally, couples may find it difficult to settle on certain financial issues, such as stock options. It is important for couples to carefully specify what will happen to stocks and bonds and consider all options when going through a divorce.

Eastwood's legal separation could become good, bad or ugly

When a couple comes to the realization that their marriage is no longer working, it may be easy to assume that divorce is the only step moving forward. However, under Mississippi law it is possible to file for legal separation. This move covers many of the same steps as divorce, but a couple is remains legally married in the eyes of the state.

Should man pay $20,000 to his ex so she can freeze her eggs?

There is a lot at stake when two individuals decide to divorce. When the decision is made, spouses prepare themselves for the inevitable conversations surrounding property division, spousal support, and child support and custody, if they have children. Although most divorces concentrate on similar concepts, in the long run, the uniqueness of every family will dictate the outcome of the divorce.