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Posts tagged "Military Family Law"

What are USFSPA authorized deductions under military family law?

For military members and former military members in Mississippi, family law matters will differ from what how they are addressed for civilians. There are certain rules regarding how much a military member or a retired military member will be required to pay the former spouse as part of the divorce settlement and it is dictated by their retirement pay amount.

Does a civilian keep medical coverage in a military divorce?

When there is a military family in Mississippi that is getting a divorce, one of the main concerns after dealing with children, property division and support is whether the non-military member will still get certain benefits he or she received during the marriage. A key benefit is medical coverage. Having legal advice from a law firm experienced in military issues can be vital.

What are the maximum support percentages in a military divorce?

The military life is difficult and can be hard on families. For Mississippi residents who are in the military or are the spouse of a military member, divorce is, unfortunately, common. When there is a military divorce, there are the same concerns as a civilian divorce. Spousal support, also referred to as alimony, and child support are key family law matters to consider. Understanding various issues, such as the maximum percentage a military member can have deducted from his or her pay to pay this support, is imperative for the paying spouse and the receiving spouse.

Military families need family law services too

Military families are just like civilian families in so many ways. However, they are different in that many families in the military make sacrifices that civilian families just never have to make. When a member of the family is in the military, they can be deployed and away from home for long stretches of time. That can put stress on the family unit.

What are the unique issues in a military divorce?

Many people in the Gulfport area are military service members. Although most people don't think of it, these service members are oftentimes subject to a different set of laws than civilians: military law. This can have an impact on divorce cases for service members. So, what are the unique issues in a military divorce?

How does active duty impact a military divorce?

Military members sacrifice so much for their country. Being on active deployment can be the toughest time for military members and their families. This is because active deployment is usually characterized as a period of time when the military member is way from their family. If you and your spouse are involved in the military, you might wonder how active deployment could impact divorce proceedings.

Military regulations affect child custody arrangements

Mississippi military member and their families have very different lives than civilians. There are many reasons to be interested in joining the military, but being a part of this group can affect many facets of one's life. For example, if thinking about getting a divorce or modifying a child custody arrangement, military family law can come into play. This changes the way the process goes, compared to those parents who are not involved with the military.

All about military divorce and pension benefits

Military service is one of the most highly recognized positions a person can have. Military members and their families deserve to be recognized and rewarded for their sacrifice and service. One way in which military members are rewarded is with benefits like pension and health benefits. When a family has decided to get a divorce, these military only benefits are often top concern.

Military family law divorce differs from civilian divorce

Military families are just like civilian families, with a few differences. Many military families experience active duty in which one or multiple family members are deployed. This can put a lot of stress on a family which may or may not contribute to a military family's decision to get a divorce. Because military members are allotted special benefits due to their military service, it plays a factor in a divorce.