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Posts tagged "Family Law"

Getting a home ready for the adoption process

When families are beginning the process of adopting a child in Mississippi, one of the parts of the process they will need to complete is called a home study. The purpose of a home study is for social workers to verify that a potential adoptive family is able to provide an environment that is safe, functional, comfortable and loving before entrusting that family with a child. Families that adequately prepare for their home study have a much higher chance of passing that portion of the adoption process. 

Retirement accounts are a key part of property division

When couples get a divorce in Mississippi, property division is often at the forefront. This is frequently true with older couples - also referred to as "gray" divorces. Many might think about homes, automobiles, jewelry and other tangible items. For these couples, however, retirement savings and accounts will be critical to the process. These might have even greater value in the long term than other properties. There are steps that couples should take when dealing with this aspect of family law.

Adoption laws in Mississippi

Thinking about adopting? Maybe it's something that's been on the table of discussion for a while and it's only natural that you'd continue with the official adoption process. Anyone can be adopted, but starting at 14 years old age, there must be consent on behalf of the adoptee. You may be wondering who can adopt in Mississippi.

Aspects of retirement could be impacted by divorce

Retirement is a dream of many that takes years of work and dedication to reach. Oftentimes, married people work together to create a nest egg for retirement. Questions often arise regarding how retirement will be affected when a married couple decides to divorce. Keep in mind that asset division is meant to be fair and equitable and this division includes retirement assets.

Unmarried couples and property division in Mississippi

Many people in the Gulfport area probably do not need to see statistics to realize that more and more people are living together, either prior to marriage or with no intention of ever marrying at all. As a result, there may be many couples in Mississippi who have been together for a number of years and have acquired property together. Some may even have joint bank accounts or own a home jointly.

Solutions for a wide range of family law issues

Not many people expect to be involved in any type of court case in their lives. However, the reality is that family law problems can lead to legal cases in a wide range of circumstances. The adoption process, for example, is oftentimes a complicated legal matter, but one that hopefully ends in a happy situation. Other family law cases, such as divorce, can be complicated but may see the couple happier and better off when the case is resolved.

Crucial decisions in the adoption process

Many families in Gulfport, Mississippi, may, at some point, decide that they want to expand their family by adopting a child. Such an opportunity can change multiple lives at once, creating unique family dynamics but also creating a loving environment for many children. Adoption is a big step and there are many decisions that need to be considered in the process.

Payers of alimony can no longer claim it as a tax deduction

When the clock struck midnight on New Year's Eve, it turned over a new era in personal taxes. There have been many changes to personal taxes to be filed for the year of 2018. One change has occurred to Mississippians who are (or who will be paying) alimony to their divorced spouse. Beginning New Year's Day, those who pay alimony will no longer be able to claim it as a tax deduction.