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Posts tagged "Divorce"

What is the law for no-fault and fault divorce in Mississippi?

There are important aspects of the law that should be understood when contemplating divorce. In most states, the divorce process is "no-fault." This means that the baseline will be that the couple has "irreconcilable differences" and nothing more needs to be said or shown to be granted a divorce. To use this designation, the couple must have resided in the state for a minimum of six months. This is a relatively easy way to get a divorce without contentious and extended disputes. The parties will usually agree on most issues and negotiate those that are more complex. After 60 days of the case being filed, the court reviews any agreement and can then grant the divorce. If there are still matters in dispute, the court can make decisions on how to settle them.

How do irreconcilable differences impact my divorce?

There are many reasons for Mississippi residents to decide they should end their marriage and get a divorce. For many, however, there is no one specific issue in dispute. They will have certain problems that they cannot bridge and believe that it is preferable to move on. This can be referred to simply as irreconcilable differences. While this is a viable justification to get a divorce and the courts will allow it, it is important to understand the law before moving forward with a case. It is also beneficial to have legal advice.

How property is divided in Mississippi during divorce

Property division is one of the most common concerns couples have as they prepare to divorce. As a result, it is useful for them to be familiar with how property division is handled during divorce. It will help them prioritize their interests and be better prepared for what to expect from it. It can also help guide them to a property division settlement agreement both spouses can live with.

Social media and how it could impact your divorce

If you haven't been living under a rock for the last ten years, then you know how prevalent social media has become. People use social media to varying degrees, but it is common for those celebrating big life events, like marriages or children, to share the news in a big way on social media. However, getting a divorce is also big life news. How does social media reconcile with sharing or not sharing that news?

Could a divorce actually make you a better parent?

When a person thinks about the type of parent they will be one day, many never imagine that they could be a single parent in the future. However, for some parents, this is what happens. However, it's not unheard of to think that a person can be just as good of a parent, if not better, when they become a single parent. This usually happens post-divorce.

Why might you be interested in a prenuptial agreement?

Before getting married, there are many things that the engaged couple may have on their list to accomplish. Much of it will be related to the wedding day or the honeymoon, however, there is another topic that should be discussed and considered. That topic has to do with finances and prenuptial agreements. A prenuptial agreement can be useful for many couples by sparking discussions about finances and determining what is expected of one another, even in terms of what to do if the marriage ends in divorce.

Highest asset divorce ever to be finalized

By now, many of our readers in Mississippi know about the pending divorce involving Jeff Bezos, the world's richest man, and his soon-to-be ex-wife. Many divorce cases involving celebrities and business leaders often garner significant media attention. But, of course, the Bezos divorce is getting a lot of attention because of the sheer amount of assets involved, which is undeniably the most ever involved in a divorce case.

The first step before filing for divorce? Get information

Some of our readers in Mississippi may be thinking about getting a divorce and are wondering where to start. Like any significant decision, it is crucial to get the right information. Although most people are familiar with many of the issues that come up in a divorce, each case will be unique because it is based on the particular facts of your own relationship with your soon-to-be ex-spouse.

What should your priorities be after the divorce is over?

A divorce in Mississippi can be a long, drawn-out process. But, even in divorce cases that progress relatively quickly, both spouses can be worn out, financially and emotionally, from the process. When it is all over, there is a temptation to just put the whole episode out of sight, out of mind. However, there are a number of post-divorce steps that many people need to take.