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Posts tagged "Child Custody"

Don't rely on informal child custody arrangements

If you and your former or soon-to-be-former spouse have a good relationship, you may consider a handshake agreement when it comes to child custody. You probably think that you can both just "work it out." And that may be true. However, even the best relationships have bumpy times, and over the course of years, parts of the agreement can be remembered incorrectly.

Child custody dispute may be headed to court for Nas and Kelis

Sometimes a child custody dispute can be handled simply and amicably between two Mississippi parents. Other times, however, child custody disputes can drag on for years. The example of one musical ex-couple shows how a child custody dispute can sometimes go on and on and on.

A Mississippi child custody primer

Divorce is full of thorny and emotional issues. This is why divorce is often such a contentious process for couples in Gulfport. Perhaps the most contentious issue for some going through a divorce is child custody. Child custody deals with the sensitive issues of where a child will live and who will have the power to make important decisions on behalf of the child. Although child custody is known as a divorce issue, it can also crop up when unmarried couples choose to separate.

Adhering to the requirements of a child custody agreement

There are a number of different arrangements and considerations for divorcing parents to understand regarding their children. Primary physical custody, as it sounds, means that a child will reside primarily with one parent. However, that parent does not necessarily have the right to make all decisions regarding the child's care and upbringing on his or her own. A child custody agreement will often spell out additional obligations, and disregarding them can mean serious legal trouble.

Visitation rights: fixed visitation versus reasonable visitation

When one Mississippi parent is awarded physical custody of a child, it is very common for the other parent to be awarded visitation rights. Visitation is sometimes called parenting time. This is an apt description because it is an opportunity for parent and child to spend quality time together. Not all visitation plans are identical, however, and there are differing kinds of visitation that a parent may encounter.

Getting the right child custody order

Parents in Mississippi and elsewhere understand what lengths a parent will go through to meet the needs of their child. While this is usually better accomplished in a two-parent household, parents going through the divorce process are still able to put their child first, ensuring their needs and interests are met with every decision made during dissolution. This usually begins by devising a strong, workable and fair child custody agreement.

The two kinds of joint custody that may be available

Parents in Mississippi who are going through the divorce or separation process may be keenly interested in one issue: child custody. People with children have probably heard that joint custody may be an option, but what is "joint custody"? There are actually two kinds of joint custody arrangements. One is fairly common, the other is less common.

The right approach to child custody issues

Among all of the highly contentious topics in divorce law and separation law, child custody is easily one of the most contentious. Child custody goes to the heart of the issues of who the child will grow up with, where the child will grow up and what kind of upbringing the child will have. Parents in Gulfport obviously have strong feelings regarding these issues. Children very often have strong feelings regarding these issues as well.

Modifying a child custody order in Mississippi

Divorcing couples in Mississippi often struggle with the issues of child custody and visitation. Unhappily for some couples, the struggle does not end when the chancellor enters the final decree dissolving the marriage and awarding custody. Circumstances can change, and the reasons behind the court's initial decision may no longer be valid. This post will examine the remedies available to a non-custodial spouse who believes the court's initial determination of child custody should be modified or amended.

Determining child custody in Mississippi

Perhaps the most emotionally draining issue in any divorce in Mississippi is the question of child custody. Mississippi gives chancellors great discretion in awarding legal and physical custody of minor children, but the law also provides important guidelines for determining which parent should be awarded physical or legal custody of the couple's children.