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Family Law Archives

What family law issues can be accomplished in court?

Many family matters can be handled within the home, finding a resolution that works for everyone. However, not all family matters are that simple. For example, in instances of divorce or child custody, having a legally binding resolution can be best. Without a family law decision in place, it is tougher to hold all parties accountable for their responsibilities and actions.

Grandparents' rights for those in strained custody arrangement

When a romantic relationship goes south, it can have different implications for different people. If a relationship also involved children, the result can create a very different home environment compared to the one they are accustomed to. This can have farer reaching effects than just the parents or child. It could also impact a child's relationship with their grandparents.

What rights do you have to visit grandchildren after divorce?

Grandparents play an important role in the lives of children across Mississippi. The relationship they have with their grandchildren is an integral one in many kids' lives, as they provide advice, guidance, love and stability that a child cherishes. When the parents of the children divorce, it can end up impacting their relationship and leave a large hole in the lives of kids already struggling emotionally to come to terms with the end of their parents' marriage.

Can spouses legally separate in Mississippi?

In many states, spouses may choose to live apart and yet, for one reason or another - health coverage, for example - not seek a divorce. The rights and duties of each spouse can be formalized in a legal separation agreement in some states. Such an agreement sets out the financial and other obligations of each spouse, and in the event of a breach, may be legally binding. But, not in the Magnolia State.

We help Mississippi clients in family law court

If Mississippi residents were asked to list the top 10 stressful situations a person could be in, having to go to court would probably be near the top of many people's lists. This would likely be especially true for family law court, where issues such as child custody and property division are handled. It's good to be prepared for court; many people find that this reduces their stress levels.

Political dispute may have contributed to Scaramucci divorce

Politics has long been a realm of vigorous contention, both here in Mississippi and nationally. But, it seems to many people that the past few years have been remarkably fractious, with political arguments often cropping up at work and family gatherings. Although in many cases people end arguments by simply agreeing to disagree, there are other times when a political disagreement can have serious repercussions for a couple's relationship.

What are the steps for foster care adoption in Mississippi?

There are many children who are currently in foster care in Mississippi and in need of a permanent home where they can grow and thrive. There are many people in Mississippi who wish to give these children a home. However, it is important to have a basic understanding of how foster care adoption works.

Terminating parental rights in Mississippi

The right of a parent to spend time with his or her child is often regarded as fundamental and inviolable. Unfortunately, both fathers and mothers occasionally mistreat their children in ways that require the state to intervene and to terminate the offending parent's parental rights. This post will provide a summary of one of the most contentious family law issues in Mississippi: termination of parental rights.