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Divorce Archives

Helping you obtain a favorable outcome during divorce

As we enter a new year, we also enter the month with the highest rate of divorce filings. Because spouses seek to enjoy one last holiday season and avoid breaking the holiday spirits of loved ones by sharing the news that their marriage is over, married couples in Mississippi and elsewhere file for divorce once the new year rolls around. While this is a frequent time to file for dissolution during this month, it certainly is never an easy decision to make no matter what month it is.

Helping our clients through a divorce

For many married couples in Mississippi and elsewhere, the holiday season is not easy. If there is high conflict in a marriage, it might have been difficult to remain strong through all the family celebrations. However, many married couples allow for one last time for family togetherness, especially if children are involved, before they file for divorce.

Emotions and the holiday season for parents after a divorce

Gulfport parents who are divorced or separated probably already know how awkward the holidays can potentially be. Planning holiday celebrations around child custody arrangements can sometimes be a challenge. Yet very often, parents succeed in making the situation work and making happy memories for grownups and children alike.

How does one appeal a divorce judgment in Mississippi?

Many people in Gulfport know that when you disagree with a decision made by a court, you can often appeal the decision to a higher court. This principle applies to divorce judgments as well as other legal rulings. This blog post will provide some basic information about appealing divorce judgments.

Divorce may have financial and other benefits for spouses

In Mississippi and across the country, divorce is often portrayed in a negative light. While the circumstances of a divorce can be unfortunate or even tragic, many of the consequences of a divorce can be positive for a Mississippi spouse. It is important to set the record straight so that Mississippi spouses have a more complete view of the pluses and minuses of divorce.

Divorce may help you financially

Generally, when people think of divorce, they picture the possibility of going into financial debt and losing a significant number of assets. However, this is not always the case. In fact, a divorce can actually have some financial benefits. If you have already decided to split from your spouse, consider the following.

What leads to divorce in Mississippi?

Traditionally, when a spouse files for divorce, that spouse will cite "grounds" - a reason - for the divorce. Depending on the specific circumstances of the divorce, one or more grounds may be available. Our readers should be aware of the various grounds that may be available for any specific divorce situation.

What are the pros and cons of a prenuptial agreement?

Asking a Gulfport couple to think about a prenuptial agreement may seem like asking them to think about their eventual divorce, and thus prenuptial agreements are not usually thought of as a romantic topic of conversation. On the other hand, many couples know that they could benefit from a prenuptial agreement. So, what are the pros and cons of a prenuptial agreement?

How can a divorce decree be modified?

At the conclusion of a couple's divorce process in Gulfport, the judge will grant a divorce decree. This decree includes terms governing property division, alimony, child support and child custody. The decree will either be one agreed to by the divorcing parties or one imposed by the judge if the two parties cannot agree. Under normal circumstances, the decree will be binding on both parties moving forward.