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Child Support Archives

Understanding income withholding for child support

Parents are required to make their child support payments on time and in full. For Mississippi parents who have a child support order, it is possible that their employer will need to withhold income so the payments can be made. For the custodial parent and the supporting parent, it is important to understand how much can be withheld from the employee's pay to account for child support. It is also essential to know when there is a lump sum payment made to the employee.

Understanding the child support formula

When there is a divorce in Mississippi and children are involved, it is important to understand how child support will factor in with the case. Parents undoubtedly want what is best for their kids and that includes making certain they have everything they need to thrive. Medical coverage, clothes, a safe environment in which to live and more are critical.

Legal advice is imperative with Mississippi child support issues

In Mississippi, one of the most complicated aspects of a family law case is child support. Once the child custody and visitation rights are determined, it is imperative that the custodial parent receive a sufficient amount to provide the child with a safe and secure environment with all the basic needs being met. The goal is to serve the child's best interests. Undoubtedly, all parents will agree this is critical. Still, there can be disagreements related to child support. Having legal advice is vital for both sides.

When might there be a deviation from the child support formula?

When a couple in Mississippi divorces and must deal with a child support determination, there are many factors that are considered when the amount is calculated. A child support formula is used in many cases. With that, the court will try to come to a fair amount for the custodial parent and the supporting parent. Still, not all cases are the same and those differences can make the situation more complex for everyone.

Which child rearing expenses does child support cover?

Many financial responsibilities come with raising a child. This remains even when the parents are not together. Whether you believe you will be the payer of child support or the parent receiving it - you likely have many questions about child support. Child support is the fiscal responsibility of the noncustodial parent to pay the custodial parent for child rearing expenses. As a parent, you likely already know that there are many expenses associated with raising a child. So when you're parenting from different households, how are child support amounts determined and what do they cover?

Why are child support amounts specifically determined?

For anyone who is a parent, they know that having children is a great joy. However, they also know that children are a great financial responsibility. When parents co-parent from separate households, the financial responsibility still falls on both parents even if the child is residing primarily in one household. Hence, child support can be enforced to determine the financial obligations of both parents.

Are Mississippi's Child Support Guidelines absolute?

Like other states, Mississippi has Child Support Guidelines. These Guidelines provide a formula for judges in Mississippi to use when setting a dollar amount for support. Because one point of these Guidelines is to ensure that judges are consistent when it comes to ordering child support, the law creates a strong presumption that courts should follow them.

The challenging issues when it comes to child support

Although Mississippi residents will face a multitude of issues in any given divorce case they are involved in, the issue of child support can cause years of friction between the soon-to-be ex-spouses. Or, if a couple was never married, but have children, child support can be the main source of contention between them from the very start. There are a number of challenging issues when it comes to child support in family law cases.

Change in income and child support amounts

When you're on a career path, there are sometimes diversions or unexpected events that can alter your course. When a person gets laid off or they have to take a temporary pay cut, it can really throw a wrench in their plans. It can also impact a parent's ability to meet the terms of their child support agreement.