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What topics are covered in a child custody arrangement?

Maybe you gave birth to your child knowing full-well you and your child's father would be co-parenting from separate households. Or maybe a custody arrangement is new, as you and your child's parent are getting a divorce. Maybe you just found out that you are the father to a child. Either way, a child custody arrangement is something that can and should be determined, with the best interests of the child in mind.

The topics that a child custody often covers is physical and legal custody, child support, division of duties etc. Determining who has physical and legal custody of a child covers most of the small issues that affect a child's everyday life. It's possible that parents can split physical and legal custody, or it may be awarded solely to one parent. Regardless of who has custody, both parents are expected to financially support the child, even if they do not have custody rights in the best interests of the child.

Child custody arrangements can help to decide the smaller issues by having parents agree to a parenting plan. Parenting plans cover everything from pick-up and drop off times, activities the child is involved in, religious paths for the child and any other issues that can affect the way the parents' interact with the child. There can be limits to the scope of the parenting plan based on the actual custody rights awarded to either parent.

Child support is a big topic of interest for parents raising a child in separate households. A parent with the majority of the physical custody will often receive a child support amount for aid in costs in raising the child. This number is based on a number of factors. Find out how a child custody arrangement can look for your child.

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