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Don't be daunted by your high asset divorce

Marriage comes with the joining of two people's lives and likely everything that comes with it. However, divorce is literally the opposite of that process. It's the disjoining of lives and the process of becoming a single person again. It can be done, and it can lead to a positive result with the right effort.

High asset divorce can bring particular anxiety to those looking to get a divorce. This is because much attention is put on the financial separation of the two people. Keep in mind, a divorce is meant to be fair and equitable. However, that doesn't always mean split right down the middle.

Such an act would be almost impossible as splitting a house down the middle isn't possible, nor is it wise to 'split' a 401k account prior to retirement. However, there are ways to divvy the assets amongst the couple in a way that is appropriate for their situation. At Maggio Law Firm, we have experience with high asset divorce and can guide our clients through the asset division process to an acceptable and welcomed solution.

The key to getting your high asset divorce off on the right foot is having a full accounting of your assets and liabilities as a couple. This is often information that people don't know off-hand, although they may have a rough idea. Taking that rough idea to a refined accounting snapshot truly is the best starting point, of which, we can help. Please visit our divorce page to learn more about the process.

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