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Which issues could cause a child custody dispute?

Parents know that raising a child is no easy feat. However, it can be extremely rewarding and some say, the best thing a person can do in their lifetime. However, not all parents end up staying together to raise their children. They may not have been together from the start.

In these situations, child custody arrangements and parenting plans are essential. These plans are laid out and agreed upon by both parties. However, if one or both parents aren't upholding their end of the agreement, it can easily lead to a child custody dispute between parents concerning their child's custody arrangement. Oftentimes, agreements can be broken and relationships can be rocky is one or both parents are not upholding their custody schedule.

However, there are other topics that could cause a dispute between parents about child custody. It could refer to legal custody issues, also known as the larger picture. Legal custody issues are the big issues such as religion, school and extracurricular decisions and other things that can affect the way a child is raised. If parents disagree on how to move forward on these points, and a parent violates the original child custody agreement this can lead to a dispute.

When it comes right down to it, the court will find in the best interest of the child on those larger issues. Courts are generally neutral when it comes to religion and spirituality, and will not hold one above the other or compare. Of course, there are exceptions, but it is for the parents to decide. This means that the parents should come prepared to discuss and possible to negotiate to get an outcome that works for everyone.

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