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Military regulations affect child custody arrangements

Mississippi military member and their families have very different lives than civilians. There are many reasons to be interested in joining the military, but being a part of this group can affect many facets of one's life. For example, if thinking about getting a divorce or modifying a child custody arrangement, military family law can come into play. This changes the way the process goes, compared to those parents who are not involved with the military.

Many military families need to work out a special child custody arrangement to work around military parents' schedules. Many parents go through periods of active deployment. The child custody arrangement would then work around this time apart, thereby making the child custody arrangement vastly different from parents who are not in the military. The arrangement may call for full physical and or legal custody at times when a parent is deployed.

There could be other concerns for military families getting a divorce. Military members and their children are entitled to benefits, such as health care and pensions. These benefits are transferable in certain situations.

In addition, military members often have more options in terms of where they file for the divorce. They can file in either spouse's state of residency, deployment state or, sometimes, other options are on the table. Since divorce is a mandated by state-law, this is more significant than meets the eye.

Military families have every right to seek a divorce or a child custody arrangement. It is just that the process can be affected by a parent's military status. This can be beneficial or cumbersome, depending on who one asks. It is good to have options and to understand what might come up during a military divorce.

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