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Child support enforcement may be necessary

Being a Mississippi parent is one of the greatest joys and responsibilities. Being responsible for raising a child into a happy and functioning adult is easier said than done. When co-parenting from separate households, the courts and the child rely on the parent's to uphold each parent's side of the bargain. When they fail to do so, it puts the child in an unfavorable position.

This is why, at a certain point, late or delinquent child support payments may force the receiving parent to take action. The action taken would be seeking a solution for the lack of child support the parent has failed to pay. At the Maggio Law Firm, PC, we know how tough it can be to not receive funds that a child has been deemed his or hers by the court. And, having to ask the other parent to support their own child financially, repeatedly, can be exhausting and frustrating.

These reasons, and more, may be the reason to take action. Delinquent child support payments are not acceptable. Parents need to look out for the needs and best interests of their child. A lack of financial support from that child's parent is a major problem.

Child support is a court-ordered requirement, and parents are expected to uphold their duties in a co-parenting relationship. This is imperative for the wellbeing of the child. And, even if a parent has not been granted custody responsibilities and rights, they likely still are required to support their child financially. Thus, child support payments can be enforced if needed.

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