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Can you put your emotions aside during your divorce?

With the New Year comes a change for many Mississippians looking to take this year in a new direction. For some, this brings the ultimate decision to get a divorce. Divorce can mean a lot of things to different people, but for many, it means a change in a positive direction. There can be many underlying reasons for a divorce. No doubt, there is usually no shortage of emotions during the process.

The question is, "can a person keep their emotions in-check?" Divorce is a legal process during which things must be decided, a separation of lives and how to manage the parts that overlap. For example, property division is a process in which assets are to be divided fairly. If the marriage yielded children, how do the parents handle the division of responsibilities in the child custody arrangement?

While a person is human, and will certainly feel the full spectrum of emotions, they should not let them get in the way. While this is easier said than done, there is a healthy way to deal with all the emotions that come up during the process of divorce. Find an outlet and be health conscious. And, understand that this divorce affects others. Trying to stay level headed, and think in terms of a solution for everyone can help a person prioritize and stay positive during a challenging time in their lives.

The process of divorce is not easy by any stretch of imagination. However, the process does not last forever -- it is a temporary time in which one can endure an uncomfortable means to a positive end. Finding a way to balance one's emotions with divorce goals can be something that works hand-in-hand.

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