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Child custody agreements may require modifications

When it comes to children, there is almost nothing a Mississippi parent will not do to ensure their well-being and happiness. That is true of most parents these days. With many parents in a split-custody arrangement with the child's parents living in separate households, it is still possible to have a healthy and wonderful relationship with one's child, while co-parenting. It is much clearer to do this with a child custody arrangement that is set in stone.

However, it leaves little room for flexibility in these agreements if circumstances change with the child or the parent. Lots of situations could render a child custody agreement not as effective as it once was. If a child has special interests or needs, this may not develop until years after the arrangement was put in place. In addition, a parent's financial situation could change, for better or worse, which would essentially require a parent to compensate differently based on their earnings.

There could be other issues that may arise during a child custody agreement. If a parent is not upholding their end of the agreement, in terms of child custody times, dates and other nuances, it could be time to take action. Whether the parent who has a tough time meeting previous obligations or the parent who is tired of being let-down by the child's other parent in terms of their responsibilities, one will come to a point where taking action is necessary.

The previous arrangements that are not working could be about physical or legal custody. But, they could be financial arrangements, when one parent is paying child support. It may no longer be enough to support the child in their activities or it could be frustrating not getting paid on time or in full by the child's non-custodial parent. Whatever the situation, a modification can be made in hopes of smoothing out any rough edges in what used to work great.

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