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Grandparents' rights for those in strained custody arrangement

When a romantic relationship goes south, it can have different implications for different people. If a relationship also involved children, the result can create a very different home environment compared to the one they are accustomed to. This can have farer reaching effects than just the parents or child. It could also impact a child's relationship with their grandparents.

Not all relationships end on good terms. The parent of an ex-spouse or partner could suddenly become the enemy in a person's eyes. This could leave a child with few options or opportunities to connect with their grandparents. It's proven that relationships between grandparent and child are very important and should be upheld if possible.

So what are grandparent's rights if a grandparent has been barred from their grandchild or can no longer see them or talk with them? The truth is, the custodial parent has most of the say, but a grandparent could petition the court if it is believed he or she is being unreasonable. The decision in a child custody or family law proceeding between the parents can help to give clues as to how a grandparent can or should proceed.

It's sad when families are torn apart after a relationship goes south. However, if possible, the family relationships should try to be preserved. While it can be difficult for best parties to agree, this could ultimately be in the best interests of the child. Not all family situations are candidates for intervention of grandparents' rights, but it doesn't hurt to check.

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