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How do I calculate child support payments for my child?

Child support amounts come down to a single dollar amount payable every month. The child's parent that does not hold primary physical custody is to financially support the child by making these payments the child's other parent. One may think that coming to an amount agreement for the child support is easy. Others may think it could be difficult.

The truth is, it could be either. Child supports amounts are based on several factors including Mississippi state law, parents' income, needs of the child and a child's accustomed standard of living. Adding up these (and any other relevant information pertaining to the child) the court will often come back with a determination fairly quickly. If a parent contests the amount, that's when the process can become lengthier.

It is well within a parent's rights to contest the child support amount requested. However, they will need to support their contention with evidence. There must be something the court missed that proves a parent's claim that the child support amount is incorrect. This could be because the child support amount is too much, or because it is too little.

Once the court determines child support amounts the child's parents agree to, it will be a court-mandated clause of the overall child custody arrangement. Child support amounts can be something that needs amending after an amount of time has passed and thus changes have happened for both parent and child. If needed, it's something that can be amended down the road if necessary.

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