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Child's parent not paying child support? We can help

It can be difficult raising a child as a single parent. While one parent can be more than sufficient in order to raise a child and get them what they want and need, it can present specific challenges that traditional married parents do not have when rearing their child. Specifically, one of those challenges is money. Single-incomes by nature generally do not make as much as two-incomes combined do.

This is why many parents raising children from separate households opt to arrange something official in terms of the financial arrangement. Sometimes parents co-parenting from different households will work out an unofficial arrangement, but these rarely last in the long-term. A court-enforceable child support arrangement will ensure that it is enforceable but also that the arrangement keeps the child's best interests at the top of the list of priorities in an official child support arrangement.

These court-enforceable arrangements can be particularly helpful for single parents whose other child's parent is not keeping current with their financial responsibilities in terms of their child. If a parent fails to keep current with court-enforceable child support payments, there are a number of legal remedies one could seek. Without an official child support arrangement, little to nothing can be done. This is one reason that seeking an official child support arrangement is beneficial for you and your child.

These arrangements are official, but that doesn't mean that they can't be changed at some point in time. If necessary, these child support arrangements can be amended to allot for changes, whether those changes be with the parent, the child or both. If considering seeking official child support payments for your child, don't hesitate. The sooner the process is begun, the quicker a steady stream of financial support can be available for your child.

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