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Child support awareness month shines light on Mississippi kids

When it comes to you child, there are no lengths you would not go to in order to make sure they are taken care of. When money and budgets are tight, it can certainly make it tougher to get your child everything they need or want. When a parent is a single parent, this can limit incomes and budgets even more. There are ways to expand budgets by petitioning the child's other parent for child support.

Since the month of August is Child Support Awareness month, it seemed like a great time to discuss the possibilities. According to recent studies, Mississippi is the state with the most underprivileged kids. This is based on high rates of children living below the poverty line, food insecurity, infant mortality and lack of health insurance. A child support decision can help with that, as the child's parent's income can help to offset the costs of raising a child.

To add another layer to an already difficult financial situation for many Mississippi kids, the socio-economic status has Mississippi ranked number two of all states, behind District of Columbia in the socio-economic categories. This means Mississippi has the second highest rates of children in foster care, children living in single parent households, children being raised by grandparents, homelessness and parents lacking secure employment and household income. The way it seems now, child support is not just an option, it's necessary for these kids, many of which who appear to be an a financial and socio-economic disadvantage already.

Only a family law court can hand down an official child support decision. These decisions are legally binding. There can be consequences enforced for parents who do not make their child support payments. This should help children get the financial support they need.

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